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  • 10/27/16 8:54 am CDT

    In a recent Huffington Post article, Mike Clear, vice president of operations at American Home Shield, shares expert tips on how to lower your energy bill.

    The writer shares all the great things winter brings, like snow and Christmas, and then goes to say: “Winter also means higher energy bills for all of us. Ya’ll know by now that we try to save money in little ways each month…and those savings do add up!”

    Want to know Clear’s tips, make sure you check them out here.  

  • 10/26/16 9:55 am CDT

    ServiceMaster Restore’s business is built on helping people restore their properties after natural and man-made disasters.

    Crain’s New York City spent time with a ServiceMaster franchise in New York and brings to life the silver lining in disaster recovery.

    Find out what that is here.

  • 10/21/16 9:56 am CDT

    The flood waters Hurricane #Matthew brought to many areas likely drowned all the existing mosquitoes, according to Dr. Stan Copy, Terminix entomologist. However, he warns that areas with standing water offer new breeding grounds for mosquitoes, potentially causing an increase in those areas.

    “These mosquitoes are all really good at getting in people’s homes,” said Cope.

    In a recent interview Cope shares expert tips on how to protect your home from new mosquitoes entering. Get the story here

  • 10/18/16 9:56 am CDT

    Warm weather is quickly being run out of town by cooler temps, which means winter is nearing.

    Mike Clear, vice president of American Home Shield, the home warranty provider of ServiceMaster, shares expert tips on tasks to tackle now to prepare your home for colder weather.

    Get your fall to-do list here.

  • 10/17/16 9:57 am CDT

    Ordering and scheduling services on mobile devices is essential for many homeowners. After all, our smartphones are the remote controls of our lives, right? 
    ServiceMaster is tapping into technology and talent to put its strong network of employees, franchisees and contractors right in consumer’s pockets.
    Read how the company is harnessing technology to improve the customer experience.