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    6/8/17 5:31 pm CDT

    “We often think of home as a safe place. But the reality is that houses, like people, can be unhealthy,” said Julie Evans, in her recent article.

    Evans shares five tips from experts on how you can ensure your home really is a safe and healthy environment.

    Pete Duncanson, ServiceMaster Restore expert, shares expert insights on mold, something you don’t want to ignore!

    Check out Duncanson’s tips, along with several other expert tips, and make your home a

  • Zillow
    5/10/17 11:54 am CDT

    It's probably a question you never thought you'd have to ask yourself. Zillow knows how important it is to find that dream home, and that dream home shouldn't include danger zones that could cause harm to you and your family.

    Zillow partnered with ServiceMaster Restore expert Pete Duncanson and Andy Kerns, a home maintenance researcher with Digital Third Coast, to share five of the most common household hazards and how you can avoid these preventable dangers.

    You don't

    5/8/17 2:21 pm CDT

    Tornado season is upon us and many parts of the nation have already experienced the devastation these unpredictable and disastrous storms can bring. partnered with Pete Duncanson, ServiceMaster Restore expert, to discuss preparing for, surviving and cleaning up after a tornado. 

    Make sure to check out this article for all the tips you must know to prepare.

  • 24 Savvy

    Spring is a great time to start cleaning out and updating the old for a fresh new look, but before you take on a new DIY project, check out this article from 24 Savvy.

    Julia Roberts shares recent findings from American Home Shield’s contract network of almost 13,000 experts and some smart spring purchases with those recent tax returns.

    Check it out here.

  • Redbook and PopSugar

    Spring cleaning… a topic many dread but one you can’t ignore with the start of spring just around the corner. Merry Maids was recently featured in Redbook and PopSugar, sharing some helpful tips on cleaning and products that will save you time.

    Redbook shared 26 spring cleaning hacks that will make your house sparkle.

    PopSugar shared 11 time-saving cleaning products you should consider having in your toolkit this year.

    Make sure you check out these articles to help you tackle