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  • 8/31/16 9:46 am CDT

    “Low-flying planes, urban wind tunnels, and imprecise applications raise the risk of mosquitoes developing resistance to insecticides.” – National Geographic

    The main defense against mosquitoes, insecticides, doesn’t fit the landscape of high rise hotels and condos, according the National Geographic’s recent article. The article tackles the issue of mosquitoes in areas not easily treated through current methods, specifically those out of reach.

  • 8/22/16 9:47 am CDT

    Last Friday, ServiceMaster hosted its third annual We Serve Day. ServiceMaster had more than 1,000 employees giving back through more than 65 volunteer projects around the country.

    The Memphis Daily News covered the story here.

  • 8/17/16 9:48 am CDT

    Are you an avid golf player? If so, you want to check this out.

    Golf course superintendents and pest control companies are working together to kill mosquito larvae and the blood-suckers themselves.

    Stan Cope, director of entomology and regulatory services at Terminix, shares his expertise.

    Read the full article here.

  • 8/16/16 9:49 am CDT

    Every fall parents tackle that same chaotic time period, back-to-school. Not only do you have to get back into a routine with the kids, and yourself, but you have to tackle news stains from art class, recess – those mud puddles though – and bright colors from fun drinks at school for snack time or lunch.

  • 8/9/16 9:50 am CDT

    Mosquito expert and Terminix entomologist, Stan Cope, is featured in an article highlighting the common misconceptions about controlling mosquitoes.
    Get the full scoop here.