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    7/5/17 4:51 pm CDT featured expert tips from Dave Quandt, vice president of field operations for American Home Shield, in a recent article titled “Check Yourself: 7 Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Tackle in July.”

    The article focuses on tips for your home that could potentially save you money.

    "Using caulk to seal cracks and openings in your home is one of the most inexpensive ways you can save money on your utilities," says Quandt.

    Check out the expert advice here.

  • Restoration and Remediation
    7/5/17 4:42 pm CDT

    Glee started her career in the restoration industry in 1991 and has served in a variety of roles, such as market expansion manager, regional operations manager, a franchisee (one of the top 100 revenue-producing franchises) and more.

    Today, serving as vice president of operations for ServiceMaster Restore and Furniture Medic, Glee has keen ability to see things through the eyes of both the franchise and the franchisor.

  • The Commercial Appeal
    6/19/17 9:24 am CDT

    Just when the city looked like it would lose a major employer, ServiceMaster Global Holdings announced a year ago it would stay in Memphis, raising a question that has been asked ever since: Who decided to keep the company here?

    6/8/17 5:31 pm CDT

    “We often think of home as a safe place. But the reality is that houses, like people, can be unhealthy,” said Julie Evans, in her recent article.

    Evans shares five tips from experts on how you can ensure your home really is a safe and healthy environment.

    Pete Duncanson, ServiceMaster Restore expert, shares expert insights on mold, something you don’t want to ignore!

    Check out Duncanson’s tips, along with several other expert tips, and make your home a

  • Zillow
    5/10/17 11:54 am CDT

    It's probably a question you never thought you'd have to ask yourself. Zillow knows how important it is to find that dream home, and that dream home shouldn't include danger zones that could cause harm to you and your family.

    Zillow partnered with ServiceMaster Restore expert Pete Duncanson and Andy Kerns, a home maintenance researcher with Digital Third Coast, to share five of the most common household hazards and how you can avoid these preventable dangers.

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