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    8/9/17 12:55 pm CDT

    Let's be honest, cleaning is probably your least favorite thing to do. And you likely have areas of the home that are your least favorite, like bathrooms. reached out to several cleaning experts, including our very own Debra Johnson, to share insider tips on how to tackle the most dreaded rooms.

  • 8/9/17 12:39 pm CDT

    We get it...  schedules are crazy and keeping a clean home can be really overwhelming at times. Even with your best efforts, you could be cleaning three high traffic rooms wrong.

    Brit+Co teamed up with Merry Maids home cleaning expert Debra Johnson to share cleaning hacks, products recommendations, and stain-busting tips to ensure you tackle these rooms the right way.

    Check out the tips here!

    7/27/17 2:30 pm CDT

    Who knew there were more ways to use a vacuum than simply vacuuming your carpet? recently partnered with several experts, including Merry Maids home cleaning expert Debra Johnson, to highlight how you can get the most out of your vacuum.

    Check it out here. 

  • CIO
    7/19/17 3:00 am CDT

    The home service giant has tapped digital dispatching to connect technicians with homeowners and has embraced agile as part of a broad digital transformation to deliver software faster.

  • Taste of Home
    7/11/17 1:19 pm CDT

    Taste of Home partnered with several cleaning experts to learn the best ways to tackle one of the toughest stains... grease! 

    Debra Johnson, Merry Maids home cleaning expert, shares some great tips for removing grease from kitchen backsplash.